Small Plates in Tokyo

You are invited to Small Plates, or Kosara 子皿 in Japanese!

What: The making of a Japanese kitchen and dining space, or how to cook & prep the myriad of small dishes & gorgeous meals my family and friends will more than tolerate! I am even eight years later, a foreigner with fairly minimal Japanese in the heart of Tokyo. My cooking is okaayyyyyy, but nothing great. (I specialize in pancakes, eggs, lasagne, and my one Japanese fame, gyoza).

Challenge: Cooking! Every stir fry I make is that same brown & no matter what, they all taste the same.

Language. I am better now; I wish I had video proof of my thousands of language and food blunders back at the beginning.

Tools: Lots of ohashi (chopsticks), tiny fry pans, ingredients like oshoyu (soysauce), mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), seasonal produce, fish, & of course, so many small dishes!

Luckily, I have a stellar Japanese Mom-in-Law, Sara-san. My aim is to become a mini Sara, gathering up whatever skills I can to be a ko-Sara, a mini Sara or the small dish, 子皿! (Different kanji characters, same sound). She & my family here will be my tasters–“fortunately, or unfortunately”, as my Mom-in-Law says!

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